Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventure Game - What is this awesomeness all about?

Promotion Bundle

Buy all episodes and we will give you extra stuff. Here's what's in the bundle:
  • All five episodes (EUR 19.95 value)
  • 3 gift codes. You can give these to friends (EUR 11.97 value)
  • Instant access to a special prologue chapter
  • Playable anywhere. Even on your iPad. No DRM.
The bundle will be available for EUR 19.95

Pre-order available!

For a limited time we are selling the bundle for EUR 12.99. Once the game is released, the price will go up to EUR 19.95.

Only EUR 9.99 until 27 Jun 23:59

Buy now with PayPal

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

google-blockly - A visual programming language - Google Project Hosting - SO AWESOME!

Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming language. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required.

Check out the demos:

  • Maze - Use Blockly to solve a maze.
  • Code - Export a Blockly program into JavaScript, Dart, Python or XML.
  • RTL - See what Blockly looks like in right-to-left mode (for Arabic and Hebrew).

Blockly is currently a technology preview. We want developers to be able to play with Blockly, give feedback, and think of novel uses for it. All the code is free and open source. Join the mailing list and let us know what you think.

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Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

Dashboard - really nice dashboard library

Check out this website I found at

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