Friday, October 29, 2010

RSA: Changing education paradigms. [VIDEO] - Freaking Brilliant

First i love RSA. Second, this is a brilliant and well described vision.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 super useful ways to use Search Twitter to market - Holy Kaw! may seem like a simple, lone search bar, but when combined with an engine like Google, the power multiplies. John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, highlights seven ways the search can be leveraged for marketing. For instance:

Target by occupation

Let’s say you have a business that sells an awesome service to attorneys. A simple search on Twitter will turn up thousands of mentions of the word attorney, but many of them will be from people talking about this or that attorney or the need to hire or not hire one. That’s probably not very helpful for your purposes.

However, if you cruise over to Google and use a handful of operators from the Google shortcut library (more on that here) you can create a search that plows through Twitter and gives you a list of all the users that have the word “attorney” in their title (username and/or real name) – Click on this search phrase and see what happens – intitle:”attorney * on twitter” what you’ll find is a handy list of attorneys of one sort or another on Twitter.

Full story at Open Forum.

More Twitter tips and tricks.

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Cool idea in here.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

jdriscoll / django-imagekit / wiki / Options – Bitbucket - I heart ImageKit

ImageKit Options

ImageKit is configured on a per-model basis using an inner class, similarly to Django's "Meta" class. This means that you can configure each model in your project or application separately. The following table lists the options available that can be overridden in your model's IKOptions class and their defaults.

admin_thumbnail_specString'admin_thumbnail'The accessor name of the image specification you want to use to display thumbnails in the Django admin. This is either the specification's class name in lowercase or it's 'access_as' property if set.
cache_dirString'cache'Relative path, from MEDIA_ROOT, where ImageKit will saved processed images.
cache_filename_formatString"%(filename)s_%(specname)s.%(extension)s"This option defines the format that ImageKit will use when saving processed files. It requires three placeholders;
filename : the original filename without the file extension,
extension: the extension of the original filename without preceding period and
specname: the name of the image specification
crop_horz_fieldString'crop_horz'The field name of an IntegerField or SmallIntegerField that specifies how this image should be cropped horizontally with 0 being from the left, 1 from the center and 2 from the right.
crop_vert_fieldString'crop_vert'The field name of an IntegerField or SmallIntegerField that specifies how this image should be cropped vertically with 0 being from the top, 1 from the center and 2 from the bottom.
image_fieldString'image'String name of the ImageField on the model you want processed.
preprocessor_specImageSpecNoneIf defined, your original image will be processed with this specification before being saved. Useful for implementing maximum image dimensions for example. NOTE: There are some issues with the current implementation of this feature and it will likely change in the future.
save_count_asStringNoneIf defined, this should be an IntegerField on your model that ImageKit will increment each time a image specification with increment_count=True is accessed. It is recommended that you use the editable=False keyword argument when defining this field.
spec_moduleString'imagekit.defaults'String path of the module where your image specifications are defined. Must be available on the current Python PATH.
storageDjango Storage ObjectDefaults to ImageField StorageSets the storage class ImageKit will use for generated images only. Original image will always use the storage class passed to the image field.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great Weekend in the High Dessert.

Quads, dirt bikes and fly fishing for trout. Oh, and the Ducks beat Stanford. Amazing weekend.

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